Chapter 282 Mommy Won't Lie to You

The grass was taller than the average height of a person, which was tall enough for her to hide in.

She got closer to the big ficus tree quietly, step by step.

Closer and closer.

Through gaps in between the grass, she could see that there was a man standing under the ficus tree.

He was standing straight and that made him look tall.

She felt it familiar.

With a lump in her throat, she bit her lips to stop the urge to cry and she fixed her eyes on that person.

"It's Jin Fengchen."

Jin Fengchen felt that he was being watched. He turned around and looked over the grass that had grown taller than a person with his sharp eyes.

Jiang Sese squatted clumsily.

Jin Fengchen retracted his sharp gaze because he didn't see anything odd.


Jiang Sese sighed in relief.

That was when a husky, awful voice was heard.

"It takes some guts to be President Jin of the Jin Group. You're brave enough to be here alone."

Jiang Sese was shocked by the voice, so she craned her neck to see what
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