Chapter 288 She Moved Into the Jin Family Home

Jiang Sese's injuries had mostly recovered after spending more than a week in the hospital. She had also put on some weight.

Jin Fengchen told her that he felt more at ease seeing her get plumper.

She couldn't understand his way of thinking at all.

Neither of them mentioned her leaving without a word of goodbye and acted as if she had never been gone.

She tried to bring up the topic a few times, but she could never get the words out.

Bringing the matter up would inevitably bring up the past as well, and she was too ashamed to talk about it.

She became terrified of losing the comfortable days that she had gotten accustomed to.

Thus, she decided not to mention it.

Her workplace in South City contacted her while she was in the hospital, so she took the chance and resigned. It seemed impossible for her to leave now.

Lu Zheng called her as well.

"Sese, focus on your recovery. I'll arrange for the hospital to take good care of your mother."

He was as thoughtful as ever.

Without h
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