Chapter 281 Senior, Please

In Jin City...

The Jin Group...

"Brother, I've got the money."

Jin Fengyao walked into the president's office with large strides.

Jin Fengchen, sitting by the French window, turned around and asked, "Are the police ready?"

"They are ready for us to meet the kidnappers."

Jin Fengyao took the water on the desk and took a swig of it. He then said, "Brother. Do you think this is much too risky?"

He asked because it was Jin Fengchen's intention to give the kidnappers what they wanted while having the police ready for them in hiding.

The perk of this was that the kidnappers would be caught.

But if the kidnappers were to find out, it would put Xiaobao in great danger.

Jin Fengchen was worrying about the same thing. But he believed that Xiaobao was smart and brave enough to survive this.

"Tell them to be extra careful. We can't afford even the slightest error," Jin Fengchen said with his deep voice.

Jin Fengyao nodded and asked, "Did the kidnappers call?"

"Not yet."

They were wai
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Patty Cuenca Centina
i don't understand how jin fengchen is described as formidable when senior lu is clearly more capable than him. he should have overtaken the jin group at this point because the CEO of jin group is frequently outsmarted by people around him.

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