Chapter 290 I'm Here

"If you haven't forgotten, then why did you allow that girl to move in?" Mrs. Su started her interrogation again.

The conversation steered back to the starting point.

Mrs. Jin considered her answer for a moment, ultimately deciding that there was a need to make things clear once and for all.

"First of all," she said carefully, "she did us a favor by saving Xiaobao. Secondly, there's no one taking care of her while she's injured. Thirdly, her moving in doesn't mean that I've accepted her."

"I've said everything I have to. There's nothing I can do if either you or Qingyin still feel uncomfortable about it."

It was Mrs. Jin's first time feeling annoyed at them.

She disliked people who continuously pestered her.

Her sudden unfriendliness didn't escape Mrs. Su's attention, and she understood that she had become too aggressive just now.

"Mulan, the only reason I came today is to remind you of your words. Everyone knows about the friendship between our families. It won't do us good if
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