Chapter 285 Just Let Her Go

Lu Zheng headed to the hospital the moment he found about Jiang Sese's injuries, and he ran straight into Jin Fengyao.


Jin Fengyao stopped him.

"Lu Zheng, correct?" Jin Fengyao smiled faintly at him.

"What do you mean by this, Second Young Master Jin?" Lu Zheng met his eyes with a blank expression.

Jin Fengyao raised an eyebrow and nonchalantly responded with a question of his own. "What do you think?"

How could he let a stranger ruin a moment for his brother and sister-in-law when they had reunited after so much difficulty?

That would ruin the moment!

His intention didn't escape an intelligent person like Lu Zheng.

"I'm Sese's senior."

He spoke one simple sentence to clarify his relationship to Jiang Sese.


Jin Fengyao curled his lips without commenting. It was true that his sister-in-law considered Lu Zheng her senior, but this man didn't see her as only his junior.

He was obliged to deal with any problem or person that could threaten his older brother.
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