Chapter 31 Do You Think That I'm Not Good Enough?

Stunned, Jiang Sese choked on her saliva and started coughing her lungs out. She wondered if her ears had failed her. She said in disbelief, "W… what did you say?"

Jin Fengchen sat upright and still, with an unchanging expression. He repeated his words. "I said, marry me."

She was utterly befuddled.

Why was he saying such frightening words out of the blue?

Besides, what was he getting at with this spontaneous proposal?

"Mr. Jin… please don't joke around. It's not funny at all, hahaha."

Jiang Sese laughed dryly. She stared fixedly at him, hoping to see from his expression any hint of evidence that he was teasing her.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything of that sort at all!

"I'm deadly serious," Jin Fengchen said earnestly.

Grief filled up Jiang Sese's heart. Why was he being so serious out of the blue? Why was he bringing up such a major life milestone now? They had only known each other for a few days!

She forced herself to be calm. "Um… Mr. Jin, what gave you this idea?"

A major life
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Boitumelo Makume
Interesting so far, but can only read one chapter a day because of the coins... that is frustrating.
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is this story completely done
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Ijeoma Eze Nwankpele
I unable to use my claimed bonuses to unlock new chapters. it disappears immediately. Also when I have unused bonus by the next day it's no longer there

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