Chapter 397 Won't Let Go

"Say that again." Ji Chen's voice sounded cold.

The assistant tensed when he saw how close Ji Chen was to losing his temper, but he still handed Ji Chen the financial report, saying, "Here's the quarterly financial report. Things have been slipping, and we heard a lot of unhappy voices during the last shareholder meeting. We'll only give them more excuses to criticize us if we move our funds at will like this."

Ji Chen said contemptuously, "They're just a bunch of old men. Who did they think they were? I'm not taking orders from them, so just do as I say."

The assistant didn't agree with the decision, but he knew that Ji Chen wouldn't listen to him even if he tried to change his mind. Having no other option, he had to do as he was told.

After the assistant was gone, Ji Chen narrowed his eyes and crumbled the files in his hands. He then said maliciously, "Jin Fengchen, I'll remember this. You're going to pay for what you did."

However, before he could make any trouble for Jin Fengc
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goodnovel comment avatar
Why isn’t Sese going to the office regularly? Seems like she does not have to keep very regular hours....
goodnovel comment avatar
We Don’t you mean Fengchen went home to find Sese taking a nap?

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