Chapter 398 A Live-In Son-in-Law

It had been two days since Jin Fengchen last visited Jin Fengyao at the hospital. He knew that his brother was being looked after by Song Qingwan, but he was still concerned.

"Sese, let's go visit Fengyao today." Closing the financial report in his hands, Jin Fengchen spoke to Jiang Sese, who was reading next to him.

Jiang Sese was engrossed in her book and only gave him an ambiguous "hm" as a reply.

Jin Fengchen shook his head in resignation and went back to reviewing a contract.

Once all the work had been finished, Jin Fengchen walked over to Jiang Sese, gently held her waist, and whispered in her ear, "It's time to go, silly girl."

His breath tickled Jiang Sese, making her feel tingly. She said, "Let's go, then. Don't breathe on me like that. It tickles."

But Jin Fengchen wasn't going to let her off that easily, and he asked, "What did I tell you that we were going to do after work today? Hmph?"

Of course Jiang Sese didn't remember. As a result, she had to feign an innocent l
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