Chapter 402 An Ambitious Person

Jin Fengchen nonchalantly ran his fingers through Jiang Sese's hair and said flatly, "Who else but their darling son-in-law? Lan Sichen has always been an ambitious person."

"He's been eating away at the Jiang family's fortune. These days, the Jiang Group has almost been completely devoured by the Lan Group."

"But isn't Lan Sichen and Jiang Nuannuan a loving couple? How could something like this happen?" Jiang Sese asked, stunned.

Jin Fengchen couldn't help but pat her head after seeing her naive expression. "Do you think that he's such a simple person? He's the kind to achieve his objective in the business world at all costs. The Jiang Group is on its last legs now."

His words upset Jiang Sese.

Even though she had severed her relationship with her family, the company was still a business that her mother had built with Jiang Zhen. She couldn't accept the fact that the company would end up in Lan Sichen's hands.

She kept this to herself. After all, this was between the Jiang and L
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