Chapter 441 Babymaking

"Have you finished work? I'm waiting below your company. Come on, I'll treat you to dinner."

A moment of silence later, she heard the sound of Jin Fengchen standing up and laughed. "Don't rush. I'll wait for you."

Jin Fengchen walked out of the building entrance five minutes later.

He headed straight for Jiang Sese's car without looking sideways.

Broad shoulders, a narrow waist, long legs, and an expensive tailored suit that accentuated his beautiful figure—he looked majestic.

Jiang Sese was pleased with his appearance. She lowered the car window and brazenly sized him up.

She would look like a hooligan if she salivated.

"President Jin, you have such a nice figure," she teased in a lecherous tone.

Jin Fengchen paused and looked deeply at her. His gaze was so penetrative that he seemed to be stripping her naked with his eyes.

Jiang Sese felt her scalp turn numb, and she had to concede. "I'm just joking. Take the passenger's seat; I'll take you to dinner today."

Smiling, Jin Fe
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