Chapter 445 Why So Sudden?

The breeze caressed Jin Fengyao's cheek, making him feel a sense of contentment.

He sat down on an empty spot and started daydreaming, refusing to think about anything.

It wasn't until the evening that he finally went home.

In the evening, Jiang Sese brought up Jin Fengyao's matter to Ji Fengchen. She couldn't control her smile when she recalled Jin Fengyao's expression that morning.

After hearing her explanation, Jin Fengchen was laughing as well. His eyes crinkled and the corner of his lips curved joyfully.

Jiang Sese's expression became crafty and her voice was joyful. "That kid is getting a taste of his own medicine. Finally, there's someone who can control him! I suppose Qingwan will be our future sister-in-law."

She poked Jin Fengchen's waist, making his smile wider. He caressed her hair with his large hand and laughed. "Silly girl."

"You're the silly one."

Unhappy with the insult, Jiang Sese hit his shoulder hard with her fist.

Jin Fengchen's expression didn't change; i
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