Chapter 449 The Jin Family Isn't That Gullible

"And that baby was Xiaobao."

Mrs. Jin's stomach lurched when she heard those words out of Sheng Zhixia's mouth, and she said decisively, "That's impossible."

Shen Zhixia's smile looked more like a grimace, and she covered her face. "Aunt, I'm telling the truth. I really am Xiaobao's mother. My poor Xiaobao; he has never met his real mother."

Mrs. Jin said harshly, "If you really are Xiaobao's biological mother, then why didn't you turn up earlier?"

"I've been looking everywhere, but I just couldn't find him."

Mrs. Jin didn't seem convinced at all.

Sheng Zhixia looked at Mrs. Jin as tears welled up in her eyes. "My baby was taken away as soon as I gave birth to him, and I didn't know where to look for him."

A tear rolled down the woman's cheeks.

More tears came out of her eyes until her cheeks were streaked with them.

Seeing that the woman had started crying out in the open, Mrs. Jin couldn't help frowning. "Stop crying and wipe your tears away."

Fumbling around in her bag, Sh
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