Chapter 537 The Hostage Has Disappeared

Xiaobao jumped down from Mrs. Jin's arms and went into the playroom.

Looking at Xiaobao's receding figure, Mrs. Jin could not help shedding tears.

When Mr. Jin saw this from the side, he embraced Mrs. Jin and comforted her. "I believe that Sese will be fine. I've already asked my friends around me to help.

"It won't be long before they find out what's going on. Besides, Jiang Nuannuan probably isn't a cruel and ruthless woman.

"After all, Sese is her elder sister. Nothing will happen to Sese."

Although Mr. Jin had put it this way, Mrs. Jin still felt extremely panicky. She was so frightened that her face had turned deathly pale.

She prayed in her heart silently, hoping that the deities would bless and protect Sese and that she would come back home in one piece. Otherwise, Jiang Nuannuan would be completely doomed.

Meanwhile, after making sure that Zifeng was all right, Jin Fengyao made a decision on the spot and decided to go to the police station to make a report.

He was fully
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