Chapter 539 I Want to See Her, Dead or Alive

At the same time, Jin Fengchen's phone suddenly rang, as he had received a message.

Both of them looked at each other, like they had some kind of feeling.

Jin Fengyao's heart thumped and he stepped forward to take a look.

The message that had been sent to Jin Fengchen's phone was a short video.

With his trembling fingers, he pursed his lips into a straight line and clicked on the video.

Jiang Nuannuan's wild and sinister laughter came through first. The two brothers immediately froze on the spot.

"Ahhahaha. Jiang Sese, you deserve it... Just go and die!"

When he saw Jiang Sese appear in the frame, Jin Fengchen's pupils instantly dilated.

His heart throbbed violently as he felt a heart-wrenching pain.

In the video, Jiang Sese had been thrown into the sea. Her thin and small body was rising and sinking in the ice-cold water.

That pale and helpless look on her face was the final straw. It penetrated through all the organs in Jin Fengchen's body, causing his flesh and blood to be
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I'm getting bored with the story. Why does Fengchen and Sese such a star crossed lovers.

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