Chapter 541 My Light Is Gone!

The light ahead was flickering in the dark, as if it was their last hope.

The search in the water did not cease.

Without the order from Jin Fengchen, no one dared to stop.

The ship was swaying, but Jin Fengchen, whose face was as white as a sheet, remained firm.

For the entire day, he stood there without eating or drinking anything and silently gazed at the surface of the sea.

When Jin Fengyao saw him like this, his heart ached for him.

Jin Fengyao pulled the hem of his shirt and consoled him. "Brother, you've been standing for the whole day. Get some rest. At least, take a sip of water, or it'll be too much for your body to bear."

Without uttering a single word, Jin Fengchen continued to stand there, gazing straight into the distance.

Countless times, Jin Fengyao had thought that he would jump down and die for love. However, he was still standing there in one piece, hanging on by a thread.

Jin Fengyao knew that it was because he had not seen Jiang Sese's body yet.

But when n
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