Chapter 545 Inebriated Lethargy

The final vestiges of the ebbing night's breezes blew through the window, whisking up the curtains that they fluttered high.

The first rays of sunlight shone into the room, falling down on the worn and wan features of Jin Fengchen's face that had lost much of its original splendor.

The ferocity and tenacity that once blazed in his eyes were all but extinguished, replaced only by desolation and frustration that occupied those lifeless eyes.

"It's almost half past eight by now and Brother is still not yet up?!"

Jin Fengyao murmured anxiously as he padded along the corridor hurriedly.

He stopped at the door and rapped hard on the oaken door of the master bedroom.

"Brother! Are you up, Brother?"

There was not a sound from inside. Biting hard, Jin Fengyao grabbed the door handle and twisted it, finding it unlocked.

He entered the room and was startled by the mishmash inside.

The air no longer reeked of alcohol, but one could almost understand how much liquor had Jin Fengchen consum
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