Chapter 543 Could He Have Taken It Too Hard

The glaring sunlight penetrated the windows in the hospital and fell straight on Jin Fengchen's slightly pale face.

At the mention of Jiang Nuannuan, he knitted his brows tightly, revealing a horrifying expression full of hatred.

When Jin Fengyao saw this, mixed feelings surged up from the bottom of his heart.

He was very certain that finding Jiang Nuannuan to avenge his sister-in-law was what kept Jin Fengchen going.

Right now, he instead harbored a selfish thought. Part of him wished that Jiang Nuannuan could hide herself a little longer.

This way, his brother could persevere and continue to live on with this aim in mind.

Jin Fengyao extended his hand and placed it on Jin Fengchen's shoulder. He took a glance at Jin Fengchen's haggard face, and then responded in a deep voice, "Brother, don't worry. Our men have been tracking down Jiang Nuannuan's whereabouts. I'll inform you once there's any news. Right now, your health is of utmost priority."

Jin Fengyao's voice was slightly
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