Chapter 679 Still An Outsider

Xiaobao nodded in reply, but continued, “However, I was worried for Mommy. I didn’t sleep well.”

As he spoke, he had a sad face, and Jiang Sese’s heart ached so much she did not know what to say.

Xiaobao looked at her for a while before he jumped off the sofa and skipped off to look for his little backpack.

Pulling open the zipper, he pulled out a pile of strange things.

Xiaobao introduced each one of them, “Mommy, this is some wound medication that I got secretly from the doctor. Put this on a wound and it will heal very quickly. There’s also this one, this is a band-aid. When you put it on and blow on it twice, it won’t hurt anymore…”

As he spoke, he put it on for Jiang Sese. Finally, he pulled out a beautiful glass jar.

The jar was full of beautifully wrapped candies.

Xiaobao gave the jar to Jiang Sese like he was offering tribute. His eyes twinkled.

His face blushed as he said, “All the candy here is for Tiantian. Since she was sick for a while, I thought to bring i
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