Chapter 74 Have You Gone Mad?

When Jin Fengchen gripped her icy hands, the dreaming Jiang Sese suddenly fell into a state of ease. Even her furrowed brows ironed out.

The scene on the hotel filled Jin Fengchen's mind and he immediately felt gloomy. This matter was now a matter of rape, even attempted murder...

Jin Fengyao arrived a little later in the night.

"Brother, is Sister-in-law better now?"

Jin Fengchen shook his head and said nothing.

"We have the man under control. He's at the police station now, but because he hit his head and got a fright, he's still unconscious. I'm still investigating his identity and background, and I've already blocked all news of this incident."

Jin Fengchen's expression couldn't get any darker as he looked at the woman lying on the hospital bed. He pursed his lips and said with an icy voice, "Put him behind bars forever."

"Sure. Leave this to me, Brother," Jin Fengyao replied. He looked at Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen, who sat by her sickbed. He had wanted to ask his brother
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Irenna Tham
why create stupid innocent FL!!!? I really hate it

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