Chapter 75 Who Is That Woman?

Jin Fengyao's words prompted Jiang Sese to thank Jin Fengchen again. "Thank you."

Jin Fengchen smiled. "You're welcome."

"That's right, you're one of us now. Don't be too polite with us, Miss Jiang."

The corner of Jiang Sese's mouth twitched.

"Who is one of you?

"Wait, that doesn't seem right," she thought. She couldn't help frowning when she recalled what Jin Fengyao said.

"You said it was the waitress who saw me enter the hotel room with the man?"

Jin Fengyao nodded. "Yep. By the way, why were you so careless as to enter that man's room, Miss Jiang?"

Of course, Jin Fengchen and Jin Fengyao wouldn't believe that Jiang Sese was trying to hit on another man. There had to be a reason behind all of this.

Jiang Sese told them everything.

After hearing her explanation, Jin Fengyao thought that the man was utter trash.

"Miss Jiang, you have to be more careful next time and never leave with a stranger. If it weren't for that waitress, things would have been disastrous."

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