Chapter 78 Are You Brainless?

A little later in the night, the doorbell rang just as Jiang Sese was freshly out of the shower and putting on her skincare products.

She paused for a moment. "Who could it be at this hour?"

She stood up and opened the door in confusion, only to find Jin Fengchen standing at the entrance. He was dressed in a black suit designed for what appeared to be a formal event. He must be getting back from a banquet.

Somewhat stupefied, she asked, "Why did you still come over when it's already so late?"

She let him in as she poured him a glass of water and asked, "Did something happen?"

Jin Fengchen sat on the couch, looking the woman in front of him up and down with pursed lips.

Jiang Sese was in her nightclothes, seemingly fresh of the shower. Her damp hair was scattered behind her fair neck. The air carried the faint scent of shampoo. She was looking at him, confusion filling her limpid eyes.

Perhaps it was the alcohol that he drank at the banquet; perhaps it was something else. He felt
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