Chapter 807 Canary

Fu Jingyun was silent for a moment. He then put the tray away and explained, “My judgment was clouded at the time. Sese, I truly want to get rid of the pathogen in your body now. Just give me a chance, okay?”

“Really? Forget it.”

The rejection in her tone put Fu Jingyun at a loss. However, the next thing that came out of her mouth plunged him into an icy cellar.

“Fu Jingyun, I don't trust you anymore. Don't waste my time. I don't want to see you ever again.”

“Does our friendship mean nothing to you?”

Fu Jingyun looked at Jiang Sese in disbelief. The hurt in his eyes looked as if he was the victim.

“Friendship?” Jiang Sese replied with another question.

After a moment, she smiled bitterly, “Did you think we still had a trace of friendship?”

If there was any friendship, why would he have poisoned her?

Why would he have brought her out of France against her will?

Staring at her disappointed expression, Fu Jingyun was taken aback.

“The Fu Jingyun from before would not have done
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