Chapter 811 Infiltrate The Banquet

He gently shook the small vial at his fingertips. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

Finally, the flashing images stopped, frozen on Jiang Sese’s delicate and beautiful face.

For Sese’s sake, how much was his life worth?

“There’s no need for you to worry, Mister Bo Gelian.”

He opened the vial and downed the contents in one gulp.

After a few seconds, he held his breath, waiting for some reaction to his body. At the same time, slight doubt grew in his heart.

This liquid was not only colorless, but also tasted like water.

He tried to feel if anything was unusual, but could not discern any indication that poison had entered his throat.

As far as he knew, all drugs, however delicate they were, had even a slight taste.

However, this drug was so tasteless that it was terrifying…

Bo Gelian stared at Fu Jingyun, unblinking. After Fu Jingyun drained the vial, Bo Gelian suddenly clasped his palms and laughed, “You’re quite the man, Mister Fu. Not bad. I can see that you’re se
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