Chapter 859 Kiss Up

These words obviously implied that these three were here because he had invited them.

Fang Yiming’s parents instantly became agitated when they heard this. “You brat, what are you doing standing around? Go and greet them!”

Fang Yiming nodded and strode towards the trio with his parents in tow.

Second Uncle’s family was unwilling to be left behind when they saw this.

“Let’s go! We’ll go and watch.”

They began to jostle their way towards Old Man Fang.

These were members of the Three Great Families!

If they could get closer, they would. They could not pass up such a good chance.

Therefore, the two families rushed over to stand in front of the trio.

Fang Teng and Shang Ying had yet to come to their senses. They looked at each other, their eyes full of shock and wonder.

“Yiming is familiar with members of the Three Great Families?”

The influence these families wielded in the capital far exceeded that of the Fang family.

If they were not mistaken, Fang Yiming did no
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