Chapter 896 Lucked Out

When Xiaobao got off his horse, he kept chatting non-stop with Tiantian.

After they had changed, Tiantian whined that she was hungry so the family went to have lunch together.

During lunch, Tiantian was still not done talking. “Daddy, can we come to play every week? Tiantian really likes it!”

Jin Fengchen would never refuse his little girl’s request.

“Of course, we can come whenever you want.”

Tiantian clapped her hands and cheered. “Daddy is the best!”

The little girl smiled from ear to ear. She put down the chicken wing she was eating and leaned forwards and planted a kiss on Jin Fengchen.

Her pink lips were stained with grease after eating, and therefore left a huge grease stain on Jin Fengchen’s handsome face.

“Hahahaha, your face looks so funny bro…”

Jin Fengyao looked at Jin Fengchen's face and laughed heartlessly.

Jiang Sese also turned to look curiously. Not only was Jin Fengchen’s face stained with grease, but his clothes were also stained with grease.

Stifling her
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