Chapter 899 No Way To Return The Favor

It was evening; the haze on the horizon shaded a large area of ​​the sky, which looked very magnificent.

Jin Fengchen returned to the Jin house, but did not see Jiang Sese in the living room, so he inquired the servant.

After finding out that Jiang Sese was in the backyard, he headed toward the backyard.

Even before he stepped outside, he heard Sese’s voice. She was sitting in a chair with her back facing him, as if she was talking to someone over the phone.

He stood there motionless, leaning against the glass door of the backyard as he stared gently at Sese’s back.

Her long wind-blown hair draped across her shoulders messily. Her voice was sweet, “I know, Grandfather. Don't worry. How about you? How are you doing?”

It turned out she was on the phone with Old Man Fang.

Jiang Sese became very close to her newfound grandfather, probably because she also felt the love Old Man Fang had for her.

It could be just the guilt he had for her mother and felt that he owed her.

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