Chapter 898 Carrot And Stick

Fang Cheng stared at Fang Yiming's arrogant expression. He felt a little resentful toward him for failing to meet his expectations and not improve.

“Although these hundreds of millions are nothing to the Jin Group, we only have ourselves to blame for getting into this predicament. If we do not agree to these terms, we may not even get a dime! If this continues, the Fang Group will be snatched away by that brat, Fang Yuchen!”

Fang Cheng had not forgotten that Fang Yuchen had clinched a huge project through Jin Fengchen's introduction a few days ago.

With that, the entire Fang Group regarded Fang Yuchen very highly. If he and Fang Yiming did not produce any results soon, they were afraid that they would not have a foothold in the Fang Group.

Fang Yiming let out a huge sigh. He was frustrated to the point of death, but he could only hold his temper in.

They had no other choice.

He slammed his fist down hard as if trying to punch a hole through the desk, but did not feel any pain. Hi
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Rose SB
Fang Cheng you are in for a sad disappointment
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very dissatisfied with your sliw updating

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