Chapter 897 I Have One Condition

“Mister Pierce. To what do I owe this pleasure this late at night?”

Jin Fengchen parted his thin lips slightly and called out the other party's name.

“Did I disturb you, Mister Feng?”

Pierce had yet to explain his intentions, but exchanged brazen small talk with Jin Fengchen.

“Mister Pierce has a good sense of humor.”

Jin Fengchen’s ambiguous message was conveyed, and Pierce's laughter came the next moment.

“Then I’ll get right to business now. If it is convenient for you, I would like a batch of medicinal herbs, preferably poinsettia and strychnine. I will be returning to Italy soon and would like to bring back a batch of goods.”

Jin Fengchen obviously knew his objective.

He wanted to test Jin Fengchen’s sincerity before he left.

Jin Fengchen squinted his dark eyes, his face shrouded between the moonlight and darkness. After a while, he said, “Of course. However, it will take a while to prepare the medicinal herbs...”

Jin Fengchen sounded a little awkward, but this was deli
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