The Alpha King's Baby

The Alpha King's Baby

By:  Empress of love  Completed
Language: English
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Four years ago, following a betrayal from her half-sister and boyfriend, Diane McKenzie was involved in a ghastly accident that cost the life of her unborn baby. Now, Diane is determined to make a name for herself by working hard and reaching the highest status quo in society so she could get revenge on the people who betrayed her so badly. She gets a job in the popular Redskins Group of Company as a storekeeper and everything seems to be going well until she is locked in the warehouse and finds a little boy of three, who is inexplicably attached to her. The boy with his bright green eyes reminds her so much of what her son would have been if he didn't die at such an unexpected moment. Diane is thrown into a dilemma when her boss —Lucius Blackwood, who turns out to be the little boy's father offers her a proposal she finds impossible to refuse... Secrets are uncovered and identities unfold but Diane is completely oblivious to Lucius' true identity and the boy's abilities…

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Candle Jane
I really enjoyed reading this book. Great job author!!!! You kept us guessing and with surprising plot twist. I am reading another book and it’s great.
2023-09-15 03:56:21
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Tamika Williams
This story was beautifully written. I couldn’t stop reading. One of the best stories on this app.
2023-09-03 08:34:01
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Amazing read so far
2023-07-20 12:39:17
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Paula Rettberg-Santarelli
it's ongoing and a nice read.
2023-07-20 11:49:35
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Zobia Zaheer
best book ever
2023-07-11 06:34:39
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Amanda Miller Peters
Love this book. Hope that the author will release more chapters soon!
2023-07-08 07:56:07
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
57 chapters 7-5-23
2023-07-06 01:17:27
120 Chapters
You were raped
Diane's POV"Please hold on, the antenatal results will take a few moments," the kind doctor said to me as they moved to the door.My hands instinctively went to my stomach. I smiled as I watched with heavy eyes as the man disappeared behind the door.I was still in college but the thought of having a child with my best friend was thrilling. We were going to bring up the child with so much love, everyone would admire us.My eyes closed as sleep finally took over me. The images of that night flashed back into my head and even in my sleep my stomach flipped over as desire washed over me.The way Liam had made me feel, made my toes curl.My core tightened as his hard thrusts went deep inside my wet folds, making me shiver with need. It was my first time, yet the alcohol in my system that night made me feel numb with pleasure. "Damn, you are so tight..." he moaned into my ear, making my already hardened nipples even harder.His dazed eyes moved over to them and his fingers brushed light
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Locked in the Warehouse
Diane's POVLife, they said, was full of ups and downs. No one lived on a bed of roses for too long nor did thorns last for long.Four years went by after the accident and I graduated from college despite all odds. I got a job with Redskins Group of Companies as a storekeeper. It wasn't the position I had hoped for but it was a good start.I was determined to make enough money to sue my half-sister and ex-boyfriend, Liam Montero. They toyed with my life and made me lose my baby. It was born too early and everything the doctors did seemed futile. I lost him.My parents were not even concerned. They defended Monique and nothing I did or said changed their mind. Only my grandparents stood by me throughout the trying times.They told me to let Karma deal with them but I couldn't. I would work really hard until "Diane, we don't pay you to stand all day and look pretty!" My manager's voice snapped through me and I blinked back to reality.The bubbling sound of the music coming from the lou
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Take My Number
Lucius's POVAs I stepped into the warehouse, I was shocked to find Owen holding the strange woman so tightly. I walked up to them and tried to take him away from her but he resisted."Owen, it's daddy!" I growled at him but he just refused to let her go.His head was resting on her shoulder and I didn't want to pull him forcefully for the fear of triggering his wolf.The strange woman looked at me and gave me an apologetic smile. "Let me help," she whispered in a soft voice.She turned to whisper to him and gently pried his small arms off her neck. "Hey, big guy..."He left her neck and stared into her face. "Go to daddy, I am right here. I am not going anywhere. I promise..." she whispered and Owen nodded.Reluctantly, he turned to me and I took him from her."Why did you leave the doctor and come here? Don't you know it isn't safe?" I reprimanded him but he pinched his face into a frown and refused to respond."Are you listening to me?" I hissed, getting frustrated by his attitude.
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Marry Me...
Diane's POV"How much did he send?" Sophie, my best friend, asked over the phone."Two thousand dollars for just finding his son!" I replied. I still found it strange that Bucks had transferred such a huge amount of money to my account even though it was on behalf of the tall man I met last night at the warehouse."Waoh! He must be a very wealthy man. I am happy for you baby girl and yes, you owe me a bucket of ice cream and this is a good time for you to pay up!" Sophie said and I could tell the amusement in her voice."I don't know who he is, Sophie, that's why I am going to Bucks right now. I need to be certain I didn't just get some Mafia money or something," I replied.I already planned to set a case against Monique and Liam in the future, I wouldn't want my account to be traced later and it would be found that I had a deal with strange people."Oh, Diane. You think too much! Can you just forget about the past now and enjoy your life?" Sophie said and I could hear her deep breath
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Are You My Mother?
Diane's POV My green eyes searched his face. He had to be joking. How could he ask me to marry him just like that?"I am— I am very flattered by your request but I feel... It's too hasty..." I said and swallowed the lump in my throat.He adjusted to the edge of his seat and looked into my eyes. It felt like he could see deep into soul. He brought his hands to the table and relaxed his broad shoulders."Besides, I wouldn't want a scandal with your girlfriend or—""I don't have a girlfriend," he interjected firmly before I could even finish.I was tempted to ask about Owen's mother but the darkness in his eyes told me to seal my lips, I wasn't going to like the reply. Besides, if his mother was alive, he wouldn't ask me to marry him, would he?"What are your concerns?" His deep voice asked lightly as a scowl suddenly sat on his face.He looked so much like Owen in that instance I felt a pain cut through my heart. If situations were reversed, if we met in different situations, maybe the
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Take Me To Mother
Lucius's POVAs Diane left my office, the scowl on my face deepened. How was I supposed to convince her to live with me and Owen?The shrilling sound of my phone cracked through my thoughts and I pulled out the phone from my pocket and saw that it was Owen's nanny calling."Yes, Lina?" I replied. I could already hear Owen's tantrums from the background, I could already tell there was a problem."Sir, I have been trying to feed the young master but he has refused to take anything I give to him and it's past time for his medication. I don't know what to do," she complained.I placed two fingers on my temples and slowly massaged the growing ache that sat there."I will ask Lucas to come home. He will put him in order," I said and ended the call.Whenever Owen wanted something and he didn't get it, he always did things like this. I just hoped this had nothing to do with Diane.I scrolled through my phone and dialed my brother's number. He picked on the first ring."Your highness, how is
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He Is Not My Son
Diane's POV The sound of the busy street and the soft conversations in the coffee shop helped to numb my mind to the problems I had.One side of me wanted to take care of Owen. I felt terrible not being there for him but the more rational part of me knew I made the right decision."You mean, Lucius Blackwood asked you to marry him and you refused?" Sophie cried out pulling me out of my thoughts. Her eyes were almost falling out of their sockets as she stared back at me.I rolled my eyes at her as I checked if the other people in the restaurant weren't disturbed by her actions."I know marriage is the last thing on your mind and I shouldn't be the one saying this but this is Lucius fucking Blackwood we are talking about! Every woman out there is secretly in love with him!" She whispered, firing those Hazel orbs at me."I am not every woman out there Sophie. This is me. I don't secretly fall in love with people."She kissed her tongue to her teeth and shifted closer to me. "Look, I kno
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I'll Marry You
Diane's POV"You bastard!" Lucius hissed and moved menacingly toward his brother.I knew that if I left them alone, somebody was going to die and that person was most likely going to be Lucas."How dare you?" Lucius roared, locking his brother by the collar."I am sorry... I swear he was with me one minute and the next he wrote the word mother and then disappeared. I swear the boy has magic, Lucius!" Lucas managed to explain despite the death grip his brother had on him.I held Lucius by his shoulder and gently tugged on him. "Let your brother go. You are to blame as much as he is. Please, let him go and stop causing a scene." My voice was firm despite the pain that still sat in my chest due to their carelessness.Lucius let out a deep breath and dropped his brother unceremoniously to the ground. "If anything happens to Owen, I will kill you myself! I promise you that!" He adjusted his shirt and walked out of the corridor, leaving me and the panting Lucas alone.He sat there on the fl
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What's A Honeymoon?
Lucius's POVHer sentence hung in the air causing the hair at the back of my neck to stand erect."You said you weren't ready for marriage or kids or—""I know I said all of that," she passed her tongue over her lips again and my eyes subconsciously moved to them. "But look at what happened today. We almost lost him. He is just a baby Lucius and I almost lost him."Her voice was shaky with so much compassion it drew me more into her. Women, especially humans were known to be emotional creatures but Diane's connection with Owen was more than I could decipher at that moment."I want to do this for Owen. So, will you marry me?"A smile curled on my lips at her question. My wolf purred in my head and I nodded."Of course. I can marry you right now if you want," I shrugged.She opened her mouth to speak but her words didn't see the light of day before the door burst open."Not on my watch!" Lucas hissed. "Are you both crazy?"Diane and I exchanged looks wondering what he was talking about.
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The Best Friend
Diane's POVLeaving Owen when the doctor finally discharged him was difficult not just for him but for me as well.It felt like a part of my heart was being clawed out. I wanted to stay with him as long as possible but it had been two days and I needed to get a proper bath.Plus, I had a wedding to plan.I took a cab to my house and the first thing I did was get a very long bath. I soaked myself in the warm liquid and let all the stress drip out of me.I started dozing in the tub until the sound of my phone pulled me out of the bathroom. I had two missed calls on the device.It was Diane and a strange number.I called Diane first. She picked on the first ring like she had been sitting with the phone."I know we ended things on a rough note the last time but you had no right to disappear in me like that!" She cried out the moment the call connected.All the time I was in the hospital, I had totally forgotten I had a phone until now."Sophie I am terribly sorry but I promise you there i
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