Waiting For Her Yes

Waiting For Her Yes

By:  Saviya Tarannum  Ongoing
Language: English
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Story of Snow and Vlad. How love conquer all fears. Long wait worthy enough. Having patients to make sure love finds its way for both

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1
Prologue Vlad Evans  It's a great morning. Well if you have such a night the mornings would definitely be great. That women knows how to make men happy in bed. What was her name again ahhh who cares. "Hey baby" the women spoke coming down from the stairs. "Baby? I don't see any baby around." I replied. "I was referring you honey" she said kissing my shoulder. As much as I loved it at the night I hate it in the morning. "Women just stop I just came out of the shower" I yelled. She was standing there starting at me like I had grown another head. "You liked it in the night" she spoke. "Yeah but now you are not needed here anymore so leave" I said. "But you...... honey did I do anything wrong?" She asked me making me pissed now. "Get your senses back wome
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Chapter 2
 Snow. I woke up with the same old routine. I made breakfast for all like always and went on to wake them up. "Josh, Rose, Mike, Nick.... wake up now or go to school without food." I yelled at them. "We are up" they all screamed In one tone. "Good freshen up and come to the table" I told them and went to Jenny's room. "Hey good morning Jenny" I said to the head of this orphanage home we all call her Jenny. "You up again" she said. "The breakfast is ready" I said and just when I was about to leave she held my hand. "Take some rest why do you have to do all this how many times have I told you that it was not your mistake" she said. "You will be eating the breakfast when it gets cold if you come late so come quick" I said and left. While my way back to dinning hall I
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Chapter 3
Vlad Evans. *pov* The charity event that was the first thing came to my mind the moment I woke up. I started to think of a plan to get get rid of this function. But all in vain.After a long thinking seccion I got one brilliant idea. I took the phone from the table stand next to my bed and dailed mom's number. "Hey mom" I said while getting up from the bed and heading out of my room. "Is this really you?" She asked. And yeah with the most sarcastic tone. "Mom....." I said. While walking to my library. "Yes tell me what made you call me so early?" She asked and that's when I put my plan in action or let's say words.  "Mom I don't want to scare you but I think i fractured my leg yesterday night when I was playing football I guess I won't be able to attain the charity event today" I said. "Oh is that so but from wher
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Chapter 4
This girl is driving me insane and she is not even telling her name I asked her like 5 time now and she never spoke a single word. I'm again following her and once she is free I'll ask her name again. I'm not giving up. I saw her going to the corner of my garden I liked that fact that she really admired my garden just when she was away from the crowd I went to her again. "It's really simply I ask you the name you tell me your name" she jumped listening to my voice. She just stood there and said nothing oh I could just watch her like this and not talk at all and when I was lost in her beauty she nodded her head to someone and again left without any answer. I
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Chapter 5
Vlad   The very moment they left the party I went straight to mom and asked.   "Why did you give her the cheque"    "You should be knowing all this Vlad it's your company who sponsors that orphanage home" mom said.   "Yeah but why did you give it to that girl Snow. She runs that orphanage. " I asked mom.   "She lives in that orphanage. She is an orphan and takes care of four other kids along with the old lady. Snow is a very nice girl, yet she was never adopted, and I don't know the reason why. She works in some book shop to take care of the pity expenses" mom explained.   "Oh... so what's the name of the orphanage?" I asked mom.   "Home for All" she said
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Chapter 6
   I felt a little awkward when they all looked at me like that.   "Ummm I'm sorry I heard the conversation. Yeah but they are lovely people and my friends so you will be just fine." I assured them.   That's when the kids ran out, I guess they wanted to talk to Jenny, and I was glad as I was alone with Snow.   "Why were you not adopted?" I asked her while she packed the kid’s bags.   "You want something?" She asked me.   "Why do you always ignore my questions" I asked her.   She was silent again. God what is her problem.   "I asked you something" I said and that's when a girl came running and said some people have c
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