LGBTQ+ novels are a type of fiction to include romance of people with various sexual orientations. Generally speaking, LGBTLQ+ novels have an inclusive attitude about sexual orientations. This kind of novel takes people with various sexual orientations as main characters and give a description detailed on their love. Different from other genre of novels, authors of LGBTQ+novels create romance stories about those people with uncommon sexual orientations more frankly to express respect for love of those minorities.

GoodNovel offers a vast collection of popular LGBTQ+ novels and books online. Whether you prefer LGBTQ+ novels with bad endings or happy endings, there must be one here that you like.

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Alpha Harris A Betrayed Bond
Abigail Phillips
Atticus has been on the run almost his whole life, forced to leave his home so young and thrown into a world of the unknown, never allowed to let anyone see his other half. He hides that side of him, the beast that wants to come out and stretch his limbs. Everyone he knows is gone, dead. Life has been hard, the world has hardened his heart. That is until one day he runs into a small pack with no home and no Alpha, desperate for someone to lead them. This little pack quickly finds their way into his heart, melting that cold heart, and giving him a reason to live again. Atticus hopes one day he will be able to find a place for this little pack to call home, and not have to be on the run any longer. .... Alpha Harris, after 5 years of his pack being merged with another, waiting for Harris to become of age and graduate Alpha training, Alpha Harris finally returns home to claim his title and move his pack home. Alpha Harris falls into his role as Alpha, and in no time has his pack up and running again. The thought of finding his Luna doesn't cross his mind as he dives into the busy life of the Alpha of a bustling pack. Finding a luna is the furthest thing from his mind as he works on rebuilding his father's pack. Which is why he was surprised when he finally finds him, and is shocked by his rank. Unable to deny his mate, Alpha Harris quickly falls deep in love with his mate and everything seems perfect, until it's not. A mate would never betray their mate, would they? They would never betray the bond, a blessing from the Moon Goddess, would they?
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