Chapter 319 A Night with You Is Worth Thousand Golds (2)

Speaking of his embarrassment at the orientation ceremony more than ten years ago, Muchu couldn't help laughing. But looking at Lou Sichen's serious face, Muchu had to force herself to bear it.


Seeing that Muchu didn't speak, Lou Sichen asked again.

Her slightly raised voice was still full of endless evil charm. "Why did you steal my buttons? If I remember correctly, I didn't know you at that time! To be exact, it's only been a week since you arrived at school..."

Lou Sichen squinted at Muchu. "Qin Muchu, did you... fall in love with me in just a week?"

"..." Muchu looked up at the ceiling. "Oh, can't I?"

Lou Sichen's eyes were dark and dark. He reached out and pinched her chin with his slender fingers. He pulled her face straight and let her face him. He narrowed his eyes and asked in a hoarse voice, "When did you fall in love with me? Love at first sight? I remember you didn't tell me that before."

Muchu confessed to him that it was the second semester of his freshman y
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