Chapter 1007 He Is My Husband Already

At her insistence, Jiang Sese paid for the tea set herself.

Shangguan Yuan felt a little bit apologetic, so she suggested, “It’s getting late in the day, let me treat you to lunch.”

“This…” Jiang Sese looked at Shang Ying.

Shang Ying looked at her and answered happily. “Sure.”

Jiang Sese naturally knew what Shang Ying was thinking about, and she could not help but laugh.

Shangguan Yuan smiled when she saw Shang Ying agree. “Let’s go then, I know a good place nearby.”

Shang Ying looked at her happily. “We’ll have to trouble you then.”

Shangguan Yuan led them to a private restaurant not far away.

“I’ve come here since I was young, the chef is great. You’ll see when you eat your meal.”

Shangguan Yuan walked into the restaurant with familiarity, with Jiang Sese and Shang Ying following behind them.

“What a nice place.” Jiang Sese could not help but marvel as they entered the lounge.

The decor had an antiquated air to it. It was serene and refined. Looking out of the w
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