Chapter 1047 Wake Up Soon

The next day, Jiang Sese went to the hospital with Shang Ying after breakfast.

Fang Xueman had not seen her daughter in a few days. When she saw her arrive, she was pleased and surprised. “Sese, you’re back.”

Jiang Sese nodded. “Yes, I’m back.”

She did not want her mother to worry about her. The last time she fainted, her uncle helped her lie and said she went travelling with her friends.

Fang Xueman held her hand and examined her closely. She frowned and asked, “Why did you get thinner?”

“Am I?” Jiang Sese looked at herself, but she did not feel thinner.

“Third Sister, you make it sound like I’ve mistreated Sese,” Shang Ying said, pretending to be unhappy.

“I didn’t mean that,” Fang Xueman quickly clarified, “Didn’t Sese just return from her travels? She must have not been eating well and sleeping well.”

Shang Ying smiled. “I know, I’m just joking.”

Jiang Sese smiled and hugged her mother’s shoulder. “Mom, don’t worry. Even if I am thinner, Aunty will make sure I gain back m
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