Chapter 1048 She’s No Worse Than Jiang Sese

Shangguan Yuan arrived at her research lab. She changed into her white coat, then looked at herself in the mirror and curled her red lips.

When it came to looks, she was not worse than Jiang Sese.

When it came to capabilities, she was not worse than Jiang Sese either.

However, why did Jin Fengchen only have Jiang Sese in his eyes?

Whenever she thought about that, turbulence festered in her heart.

She let out a deep sigh to relieve her frustration.

“Shangguan Yuan, as long as you succeed in your antidote research, you will have a chance to win.”

Shangguan Yuan said to herself and to cheer herself up. She took a deep breath and straightened her back with an upright posture. With a face full of determination, she turned around and left the changing room.

For the whole morning, her research on the pathogen proceeded in an orderly manner.

Shangguan Yuan extracted the pathogen and injected it into a lab rat. It was unusual. The lab rat died quickly after exposure to the pathogen.

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