Chapter 1053 Glad To Hear That

When Fu Jingyun headed out the next day, he saw the man in black still lying on the ground.

He went over and kicked the man in black.

“If you’re sleepy, you can go back home. You might catch a cold on the floor,” Fu Jingyun said and cast a glance at him before he strode to the lift.

Behind him, the man in black frowned. How did he end up sleeping on the floor?

He tried his best to recall what happened last night, but nothing came to his mind.

“Let’s go together?”

Suddenly, Fu Jingyun’s voice sounded.

The man in black saw that Fu Jingyun was already in the lift, waiting. He stopped thinking and quickly dashed into the lift.

Once they reached the research lab, Fu Jingyun acted as usual. He punched his card and went to the changing room.

Charles was there too.

When he saw Fu Jingyun, he snorted disdainfully.

Fu Jingyun’s brow quivered slightly, but he said nothing. He pretended he did not see Charles and minded his own business as he changed into his white lab coat.

“Go away!”
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