Chapter 1091 I’ll Be Waiting For Your Return

Fang Yuchen arrived in Italy and asked He Shuhan the moment he saw him, “Any news from your Young Master?”

“Not yet.” He Shuhan shook his head solemnly.

Fang Yuchen frowned. “Sese had also been brought to Italy. I don't know where she could be held captive.”

“After I received the Second Young Master’s call, I sent some men to the airport, but they didn't find any sign of Catalina and the others.”

He Shuhan pondered for a moment, “Maybe we were too late.”

“Where could they have taken her?” asked Fang Yuchen.

“Bo Gelian’s main research facility has been destroyed and Professor Curry has not been seen at any other research facilities. There is a high chance that the Young Mistress is safe for now.”

He had men stationed around all of Bo Gelian’s research facilities and there had been no sign of Professor Curry.

Moreover, it would take some time before a new temporary research facility could be set up. Before that, the tests could not be conducted for the time being.

Fang Yuchen li
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Sweet Pea 63
UGH!!! Someone PLEASE rescue and reunite Fengchen and Sese QUICKLY!!

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