Chapter 1092 Promise Me, Forget Jiang Sese

Fu Jingyun wanted to meet with Catalina. However, since Bo Gelian had placed more guards on him, he was unable to move about freely.

While taking a drink of water, he glanced over the two tall foreign men standing in the room.

He could not wait any longer. Otherwise, Sese would be in danger.

His eyes gleamed as he suddenly exclaimed, “Argh… It hurts.”

The two foreign men rushed toward him when they heard him.

“Mister Fu, what’s wrong?”

Fu Jingyun grabbed his belly and wailed, “My stomach hurts!”

The two foreign men glanced at each other. “Let’s take you to the hospital.”

“There’s no need.” Fu Jingyun shook his head. “Just get me the medical kit in from my room.”

They responded with an ‘Okay’, and one of them helped Fu Jingyun over to the couch while the other went to the room to get the medical kit.

“Get me a glass of water,” said Fu Jingyun to the man helping him.

The man turned around to get a glass of water. At this moment, a trace of hostility flashed across Fu Jingyun's
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