Chapter 1094 Teach Me

Fang Yuchen smiled helplessly, “It doesn’t matter who trained you. You must prioritize your safety. Don't be impulsive, understand?”

Gu Nian could feel that he really cared for them and was touched, “Don’t worry, Chairman Fang. We’ll be back safely.”

“I trust you. Be careful.” Fang Yuchen patted him on the shoulder.


After Gu Nian and Fu Jingyun left, He Shuhan still felt uneasy, “Chairman Fang, should I go along? Perhaps bring more men?”

“There's no need. Best if you stay here, just in case anything happens.”

Gu Nian was merely going to scout out the situation. If Sese was really being held captive there, it was still not too late to mobilize then.

Moreover, a large group of men would just attract too much attention.

He Shuhan sighed. “Alright then.”

Fang Yuchen turned around and walked toward the balcony, watching as the sky gradually darkened, his handsome face filled with worry.

How was Sese now?

Meanwhile, Sese was locked in the room. She slumped herself down
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