Chapter 1100 You Want To Kill Her?

How was her relationship with Bo Gelian?

Lisa was taken aback and did not know how to answer.

Bo Gelian has always been lukewarm. If she said that their relationship was bad, it would not be true; sometimes he treated her very well. Then again, if she said that their relationship was good, she would be deceiving herself.

Seeing that she had hesitated, Gu Nian smiled confidently. “Madam, if you are reluctant to answer, then will you allow me to say it?”

“You know?” Lisa eyed him suspiciously.

“Of course I know. If I can’t even discern this, I’d have no right to give readings.”

Lisa smiled. “Alright then, you can speak about it. If it's inaccurate… I won't forgive you.”

Although she said this with a smile, he could still sense the threat.

Gu Nian smiled disapprovingly, then said slowly, “You come from a large and influential family with a history of over a hundred years. Yes… By marrying you, your husband has greatly elevated his social status. However, your husband is capable, a
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