Chapter 1108 Never See Him Again

Since she decided to return to her country, they should do it sooner or later.

That night, Fang Yuchen and her rushed to the airport.

When they were at the airport, Fu Jingyun suddenly hugged Jiang Sese tightly. For some reason, she had a vision that she would not be able to meet him ever again.

An inexplicable feeling arose in her heart. As her eyes started getting slightly teary, she raised her hand and hugged him back.

“Big Brother Fu, when you have the chance, you must visit me in Jin City. Fengchen, the children, and I would be very happy to see you.”

Jiang Sese’s soft voice entered his ear and touched his heart. In that instant, a sourness filled his heart.

Fu Jingyun subconsciously tightened his hands as he replied sullenly, “Okay.”

Fang Yuchen looked at the both of them and could not help but tease, “Luckily my cousin-in-law is not around. He would be jealous.”

Hearing that, Fu Jingyun released her. He stared at Jiang Sese with a deep gaze and smiled, “If so, I’d rathe
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Sweet Pea 63
Please let them find Fengchen safe and sound and his heart will ALWAYS remember Sese and their children! This separating them MUST stop!!

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