Chapter 1115 I’ll Blow For You

Shang Ying put the tray on the stone table. After that, she leaned forward, hugged Tiantian, and kissed her cheek hard. With a bright smile, she asked Tiantian, “Tiantian, did you miss Grandaunty?”

“Yes! Tiantian misses Grandaunty every day,” Tiantian replied in a loud voice.

“Oh?” Shang Ying raised her brows and asked, “You truly missed Grandaunty, or did you miss my homemade cookies?”

“I missed both, but I missed Grandaunty the most,” Tiantian said and wrapped her arms around Shang Ying’s neck. Then, she nuzzled her little face close to her affectionately.

Shang Ying was melting from the sweetness of the little girl. She quickly put her down and gave her a cookie, “This is a new flavor. You’ll be the first to try this.”

“Grandaunty, thank you!”

Tiantian had a bite and her eyes gleamed with joy instantly. “So yummy!”

“Really? Then all these are yours now,” Shang Ying said and patted her head.

Jiang Sese glanced at that plate of biscuits. When she saw there were a lot of them,
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Angela Stevens
A good story is now becoming boring give us more chapters I started this book July 2020 and it is now April 2021, and still i am reading this book and I have spent more than a $100. Will I still be reading this book in 6 months time. Better I read the books from book clubs that are completed.
goodnovel comment avatar
Angela Stevens
I have many friends who read this and I have decided to read other books that are completed...we have decided as avid readers we shall now read books that are completed. You are dragging the story.
goodnovel comment avatar
Angela Stevens
I'll tell you what I think a slow dramatic story which has so many storylines not completed and now getting excitement and it's repeating how Sese went missing and now Fengchen is gone missing and then Bo Gelian and this pathogen...also how much we spend on this book it's boring and slow

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