Chapter 1120 Little Children Should Not Simply Say Such Things

After lunch, Fang Yuchen prepared to head back to the office.

As he was heading out, Shang Ying called out, “Yuchen, wait a moment.”

Fang Yuchen turned. “What is it, Mother?”

“It will be Xiaoyi’s birthday soon, and the Ye family has invited us for the birthday celebrations. Make some time to buy a gift.”

“Me? Buy a gift?” Fang Yuchen thought he had misheard.

He did not know what to buy as a birthday gift for a girl.

“That’s right,” Shang Ying retorted. “You must do this task for me.”

Fang Yuchen frowned helplessly. From the corner of his eyes, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of Jiang Sese not far away. His eyes suddenly lit up. “Sese, perhaps you could buy the gift on my behalf. I'm too busy to leave work.”

“Huh?” Jiang Sese pointed at herself with a surprised expression. “Me?”

“You’re a woman, so you know what girls like. So, I’ll leave this to you.”

After saying this, he quickly left, not giving her a chance to refuse.

“Fang Yuchen!” Shang Ying ran after him, but was onl
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