Chapter 1122 I Don't Want To Be Just Friends

Fu Jingyun waited until it was dark, but Curry did not make an appearance.

He could not help himself and gave Catalina a call.

“Where are you?” Catalina’s impatient voice was heard immediately after the call connected.

“Still outside the research facility.”

“Fu Jingyun, are you crazy?” Catalina’s voice increased several octaves. “What the hell are you trying to do?”

Fu Jingyun stared intently at the entrance of the facility and asked in a low voice, “Is Curry inside?”

“What does it matter if he’s there or not?” Catalina felt that she was about to go crazy. She took a deep breath and continued, “You promised me that you would never see Jiang Sese again; there is no need to help her with anything else.”

It was as if Fu Jingyun did not hear her as he continued to ask, “Does Curry leave the facility? Or does he never leave his laboratory, like before?

“You!" Catherine was so furious that she could not speak.

“I need you to tell me the answer.”

Again with the ‘I need you to’. Cata
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