Chapter 1129 Greed Is Limitless

The doctor’s brows frowned periodically as he examined the Old Man. Jiang Sese’s heart raced as she watched.

“How is he, doctor?” asked Jiang Sese as soon as the doctor finished his examinations.

“The old man is doing well.”

Jiang Sese breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good.”

Seeing that she seemed very anxious, the doctor smiled. “You don't need to worry. He is recovering very well; he just hasn't regained consciousness yet.”

“So when will he wake up?” asked Jiang Sese.

“I have said to talk to him often to stimulate his brain and he will wake up soon.”

Jiang Sese nodded. “I know this. My grandfather can now occasionally move his fingers and can even shed tears, but there is no sign of him regaining consciousness.”

“You can’t rush these things. You and your family must be patient.”

Jiang Sese smiled embarrassedly. “We are just really anxious and hope that my grandfather can regain consciousness as soon as possible.”

The doctor smiled. “I understand your feelings, but you ju
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