Chapter 1130 We Can’t Be Too Cautious

That morning, Jiang Sese was upstairs changing Tiantian when the housekeeper came in and told her that she had a guest.


Jiang Sese frowned. Who could it be that early in the morning?

“Tiantian, finish changing on your own, then head downstairs with your brother for breakfast. Understand?”


“That’s a good girl.” Jiang Sese smiled and stroked Tiantian’s little head, then got up and walked out of the room.

She went down to the first floor and saw Gu Nian standing in the living room.

“Gu Nian!”

She ran over wide-eyed and looked around, but realized that Gu Nian was alone. The person that she missed the most was not there.

The huge wave of despair swept over her fleeting moment of happiness. Her heart felt sore and she could not breathe.

Gu Nian bowed his head respectfully. “Young Mistress.”

“Did you just arrive?” Jiang Sese tried to suppress her emotions.


“Have you had breakfast?”


Jiang Sese nodded. “Then come join us for breakfast. We’ll talk a
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