Chapter 1169 She’s Unfilial If She Still Doesn’t Come Back

As the porridge traveled down to her stomach, warming her abdomen, Jiang Sese felt her vigor greatly improve.

She turned to look at Madam Jin, who was cleaning up, and she felt very moved.

Sometimes, it felt like she must have done a lot of good in her past life in order to get such good in-laws and a loving husband in this life.

When she thought about that, her expression became slightly distant.

‘Fengchen, where are you?’

“Sese, what are you thinking about?”

Madam Jin’s sudden voice snapped Jiang Sese out of her thoughts. She hurriedly put away her ruminations and looked up to reply with a smile. “Nothing.”

Madam Jin did not ask any further. “I’m going to check on Wanwan. I’ll come over to check on you later.”

Jiang Sese nodded. “Okay.”

“You should lie down and rest.”

Madam Jin helped her to slowly lie down before pulling the sheets over her and saying, “I’ll get going.”


Jiang Sese watched her walk out. As soon as the door closed, the entire ward grew
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