Chapter 1185 I Must Go

Since he said that, Jiang Sese had nothing else to say.

“All right, then I will not mention Weiwei to you from now on.”

Jiang Sese glanced at the documents on his desk, and then said, “I want to go to the hospital to see Grandfather tomorrow.”

“Do you need me to drive you?” asked Fang Yuchen.

“It’s all right.” Jiang Sese pursed her lips. “Do you know exactly when Shangguan Yuan will be back?”

Fang Yuchen shook his head. “No, I don’t. ”

“Does Shangguan Qian know?”

“He doesn't know either. It is said that Shangguan Yuan hasn't decided on a specific day to return.”

“Could she not be coming back?” Jiang Sese could not help but worry.

If Shangguan Yuan decided not to come back, all the arrangements they made would be in vain.

“Impossible. Old Lady Shangguan’s condition is dire. She will surely come back to visit the Old Lady,” said Fang Yuchen confidently.

Jiang Sese frowned. “Then what is her intention? If she didn't tell Mister Shangguan the specific date of her return, does sh
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Jessica Gainey
Stop dragging this out more and more. Dam you keep writing chapters that are all the exact same thing. Yuchen likes weiwei but denies it, waiting for Fengchen to come back. It’s all the same stuff in every chapter now. NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!!! Let Sese be with Fengchen already dam

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