Chapter 1201 Just Want To See Ms. Jiang

Shang Ying sighed heavily. “If your cousin would’ve just listened to me, I would not have gone to see Weiwei.”

She knew her son the best, and knew that he was a very stubborn person. It would be difficult to change what he had decided on.

“That’s true.” Jiang Sese nodded in agreement. “However, when it comes to matters of the heart, others are never able to change one’s opinion. Aunty, you best be prepared.”

“I know that. I’ve organized a party and asked Xiaoyi to attend. I’ll find a way to get her with Yuchen.”

Seeing Shang Ying’s confident expression, Jiang Sese frowned. “Aunty, you cannot keep on forcing them together. If not, Yuchen will just keep coming into conflict with Ye Xiaoyi.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen.”

Even though Shang Ying said that, Jiang Sese was still quite worried.

She might do something shocking to get Yuchen and Ye Xiaoyi together.

Perhaps she should warn her cousin.

Fang Yuchen had clocked out of work earlier for the ball tonight.

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