Chapter 1231 Aren’t You Courting Her?

Fang Yuchen was dragged by Ye Xiaoyi to meet her parents. “Mom, Dad, Yuchen is here.”

When they heard her, Mr. and Mrs. Ye ended their conversations with the other guests and turned to look.

“Yuchen, long time no see,” Mr. Ye said with a laugh.

“Hello, Uncle, Aunty.” Fang Yuchen bowed his head politely.

Mrs. Ye looked behind him and asked curiously, “Where’s your father? Did he not come with you?”

“My father will be arriving later.”

Mr. Ye studied him from head to toe with a pleased look. “You’re really turning into a fine young man.”

Fang Yuchen smiled. “Thank you for your kind words, Uncle.”

“Dad, of course he’s a fine young man. Why else would your daughter admire him?” Ye Xiaoyi lifted her chin in pride.

Mr. Ye laughed. “Yes, you have good taste.”

“Of course.” Ye Xiaoyi clung onto Fang Yuchen affectionately, beaming widely.

Fang Yuchen was rather distracted. From time to time, he would look around to look for Liang Xinwei in the lobby.

There were quite a lot
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